One week before Hurricane Sandy, noted Author and Scientist John Englander released "High Tide On Main Street...Rising Sea Level and the Coming Coastal Crisis."


This important work describes how increasingly higher sea levels will impact American properties. In fact, it is already underway.


Perhaps the most compelling forecast of our time, Englander's book is must reading for attorneys, property owners, land planners, government leaders, educators and all of society.


Click here for more information about John Englander and his moving insights on Sea Level Rise.


An Evolving Sea Change In Law & Finance


By Mitchell A. Chester, Esq.


It has already started to happen. Coastal areas of the United States are experiencing the adverse symptoms of rising seas. The American Justice System is not prepared.  The same is true with our financial system. From common law to state and federal statutory enactments, Washington, each of the 50 states and Wall Street need to plan for a tidal wave of change due to sea level rise (SLR).


SLR's impact on property, constitutional, contract and environmental law, as well as a host of other legal disciplines, will be profound. Preparing necessary financial tools for tomorrow is crucial.


As these foundations of American Justice and monetary systems take years to adapt to societal changes, our generation needs to start now by planning a legal and financial system for our children and grandchildren that can resolve disputes pertaining to the enormous challenges of SLR over the next 5 to 90 years.  


This site explores an orientation to SLR legal and financial issues facing legislators, Judges, attorneys and the American public. Your input is welcome.


Read about "Sea Level Rise Relocation Accounts," "SLR Mortgage Modifications," "Special Sea Level Rise Taxing Districts," "Innovative Public-Private Partnerships and SLR" and "Sea Level Rise Bonds" on our Financial Options page. Click here.


New: Law Article 29...Building Codes and Land Use Plans and "I Am Not A Scientist."  


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"South Florida's Rising Seas" courtesy Florida International University and WPBT-2.

"Goodbye, Miami. By centruy's end, rising sea levels will turn the nation's subtropical urban fantasyland into an American Atlantis. But long before the city is completely underwater, chaos will begin."


-Rolling Stone Magazine and Jeff Goodell, July 4, 2013.


"Hundreds of millions of people are vulnerable and hardly anyone understands the facts or consequences."


-Jean-Michael Cousteau, in his foreward to "High Tide On Main Street."


"As the planet warms, the sea rises. Coastlines flood. What will we protect? What will we abandon? How will we face the danger of Rising Seas?  One estimate says that by 2070 the coastal flooding that will result from this rise may affect nearly 150 million people living in port cities."


-National Geographic-September 2013


"Scientists often refer to the "100 year flood," the highest water level expected over the course of a century. But with sea levels rising along the East Coast - a natural phenomenon accelerated by climate change-scientists project that in our lifetime what was once considered a 100-year flood will happen every 3 to 20 years. And truly catastrophic storms will do damage unimaginable today."


-Mother Jones, August 2013


"The risks from sea level rise are imminent and serious. This is not a distant problem, but one that is affecting us now and will certainly affect our children. Sea level rise will impact millions of Americans and threaten billions of dollars of building and infrastructure."


-Florida Atlantic University's Center For Environmental Studies, September, 2013




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