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Law 2- Will Nature Force Amendments to Constitutions Or Produce Different Judicial Interpretations?

Law 3- Insurers, Underwriters and the SLR Marketplace

Law 4- Will "Redlining" Become Legal In Designated Areas?

Law 5- SLR Regulations and Codes That May Hinder Development

Law 6- Enhanced Anti-Pollution, Environmental Legislation and Litigation

Law 7- Land Use Planning For The New Reality

Law 8- Dealing With Increased Local Tax Burdens

Law 9- No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Law 10- Architectural Restrictions By Homeowner Associations

Law 11- The Consequences of Not Being Able To Live In and Sell Real Property In SLR Affected Areas

Law 12- Legislation To Fund Environmental Health Programs

Law 13- Will States Introduce Environmental Divisions In Courts?

Law 14- Certified Mediators In SLR Disputes Have A Lot To Learn

Law 15- Law Schools Will Need To Provide Specialized SLR Legal Programs

Law 16- New Dimensions of Taxation At Local, State and National Levels

Law 17- The Porous Nature of One Common Law Defense In SLR Affected Contract Disputes

Law 18- SLR Ramifications For Malpractice Claims

Law 19- Lateral and Subjacent Support vs. Sea Level Rise

Law 20- Daubert v. Merrel Dow Will Intrude Into SLR Litigation

Law 21- Chapter 9, Sea Level Rise and City Hall...Potential Emerging Flood Risk Complications

Law 22- "De-Paving" and Returning To Nature in Vulnerable Coastal Regions

Law 23- A Nixon Era Law Confronts Sea Level Rise

Law 24- Needed Now...Proper Disclosuress of Sea Level Rise In Real Property Sales

Law 25- Adaptation Claims

Law 26- State Constitutional Initiatives and SLR Advocacy

Law 27- Federal Tax Law: The Problem With Casualty Losses and Gradually Inundated Properties

Law 28- Sea Level Impact Statements Are In Your Future

Law 29- Updating Building Codes and Land Use Plans In An Era of Accelerating Scientic Projections of Sea Level Rise

Finance 1- Sea Level Rise Relocation Accounts

Finance 2- Sea Level Rise Mortgage Modifications

Finance 3- Special Sea Level Rise Tax Districts

Finance 4- Innovative Public-Private Partnerships and Sea Level Adaptation

Finance 5- Sea Level Bonds...The Next Generation of SLR Project Funding in Vulnerable Areas

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