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"Must See" Documentary: South Florida's Rising Seas

I recently had the honor of having lunch with Juliet Pinto and Kate McMillan, the producers, directors and co-writers of South Florida's Rising Seas, a 2014 documentary about South Florida and sea level rise (SLR).

These two committed journalists, from Florida International University, worked very hard, and put in uncounted months of sacrifice, dedication and creativity, into this excellent presentation, which was recently aired on the local Public Television station, WPBT-2. Just this past week the show aired, in part, on PBS NewsHour.

To my mind, their ground breaking work deserves a local Emmy award.

To understand the present-day realities of SLR and the challenges to infrastructure nationwide, this documentary is superior to any other television program I have ever seen on the subject. I urge you to take some time to view this compelling program. It is narrated by John Englander, author of High Tide on Main Street.

It features commentary from Captain Dan Kipnis, who is a leading climate change communicator, Richard Grosso, Esq., Director of the Environmental & Land Use Law Clinic and Professor of Law at Nova Southeastern University's Shepard Broad Law Center in Fort Lauderdale, and a host of other experts.

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