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Center For American Progress Releases New SLR Video

Posted 9.29.13


The non-partisan and independent educational institute, Center for American Progress, based in Washington, D.C., has released a short seven minute video on SLR.


The video, which premiered Wednesday, September 25, 2013, focuses on Northfolk, Virginia and that city's $1 billion proposed flood protection plan.


No matter where you live, this video requires your immediate attention. 


Be sure to see the map at the end of the presentation. 

October 17, 2013 report from WPLG-TV in Miami. As Miami Beach and other parts of Southeast Florida again encounter seasonal tidal flooding, the Sea Level Rise Summit takes place in Fort Lauderdale.

Miami Beach Flooding At King Tide- Video By Burn: An Energy Journal

October 17, 2013. According to BURN: An Energy Journal, it did not rain in Miami Beach that day. For more compelling content, please see 100yearsrising.

One of the most fascinating speakers at the 2d Annual Sea Level Rise Summit hosted by Florida Atlantic University in October, 2013, was Retired Commanding Officer Captain Joseph Bouchard.


In the video below, he describes the challenge faced by the U.S. Navy in the late 1990's when dealing with sea level rise...long before the wide-spread awareness of the issue. What the Navy has learned is helpful to all communities when dealing with SLR planning.


This video is courtesy of The University of Colorado Boulder.

The World's Largest Naval Base and Sea Level Rise

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